Self made sheet metal grips.

Haven’t written for a while, but here is a photo gallery about making sheet metal grips, which come very handy, when welding panels. They are quite easy to make and saves a lot of time and money ;]

Click here to see all the photos ;]


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One thing is done.

today i finished collecting all the metals for my chassi. All is left now, is to save some money and buy two floorpans.

Well, but that means,that the hardest part is coming – welding everything together… And with my skills, that will be a big problem…

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Today, while getting back from the University, my tire blew. I changed it pretty quick.
But after I came back after two hours to drive it back home, i found a shattered window and everything messed up inside. Some of the things were stolen, between them, an original Beetle steering wheel…
That’s the end of the season for me :[

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Flowers on my bus…

Been working day and night, trying to get the bus up and running again. I have changed the water pump and redid cooling system, by putting one radiator in a not so dangerous position, as it was before.
I worked a lot with electronics and get sorted some things out. The gouges show temperature and voltage again. Anyway, there are a huge amount of wires to figure them all out.

I also did some art, on a new air vent i made, to cover it up. Although it’s quite childish, but I like it :] Soon there will be more flowers on my bus ;]
That’s it for now, wait for longer updates, they are coming ;]

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New Blog

I opened a new blog:
P.S. It’s in Lithuanian language ;]

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every year on my Birthday something beetle’ish happens. This year it was kind a strange, because so happend that my birthday was the last day to register my bus on me. So i had to work late in to the night, to make it drivable, as there were a huge amount of problems with carburettor, gearbox, electrics and so on… I did not manage to fix everything, but it became much better than before with a power of believing I left very early in the morning, avoiding traffic jams. Well, with few problems everything is ok now and the registration date is the same as my birthday, so it’s Bus birthday too :]

Having a few spare minutes, I also managed to “upgrade” music system :]

After todays trip I’m quite glad about the performance of the bus, so my hopes of making at least a short trip together with my girl are back again :]

Oh, and for the gifts i got these freakin sweet shorts !

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My flower power garage…

My bug and bus together for the first time. It’s quite colorful :]

Lately i did some work on the bus, but still have a lot of problems with carb, as the engine is going of every time i let the accelerator off… It’s damn hard to remove the carb, while it’s in the car, but maybe i will try to do that and clean it as much as i can…

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